domingo, 4 de julho de 2010

My first!

My first day in class:
I was six years old and I was calm. My sister took me to school.There were many children and it was very very noisy in the courtyard. I started classes at Anita Garibaldi School in Itoupava Central, Blumenau. The school looked big for me that time. The walls were white and gray.
The day was very beautiful, it was sunny and I could see the flowers on my way to school. The road to go there was paved. Well, some children were scared and some cried on that days, some students slept in class, but Thank God, I didn't scare or sleep. My sister thought that I was going to cry because she waited on the other side of the class for some minutes. The teacher was a woman and she was friendly, she was wearing a white jacket. I didn't remember very well that day but I had a snack at school! And at the break the children in the school could run and play in the courtyard. It was very fun, I liked the school, the teacher and the classmates. I missed home but I really relaxed on my first day at school.
( M. C. Jachnke)

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